Monday, June 3, 2013

Camino Canceled: Mac Browser Calls It Quits

The developers of Camino, a Mac-exclusive Web browser that has been around since 2002, have announced that the browser has reached its end of life.

Camino was the last relatively popular browser to support Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger and v10.5 Leopard, operating systems which Apple is no longer patching. The current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari do not support Tiger or Leopard.

The relatively obscure TenFourFox browser, designed specifically to run on now-unsupported PowerPC-based (G3, G4, and G5) Macs, is the last remaining browser that's being actively updated for unsupported versions of Mac OS X.

Meanwhile, online ad network Chitika reported in March that Leopard and Tiger are installed on approximately 10% of Macs used online in North America. Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard had the largest share at roughly 35%, trumping the newer Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems at approximately 28% and 27% respectively:

At this time it is unknown whether Apple will continue to issue security patches for Snow Leopard after the upcoming release of OS X v10.9.

For more details, please read my full article at The Mac Security Blog on Intego's site.

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